Frequently asked Questions

1、Is the treated water safe for drinking?

PGα21Ca cannot kill any germs (living things). We recommend boiling or disinfecting of the treated water for using as drinking water.
Though the treated water only without sterilization look very clean and transparent because of solid-liquid separation after adding and stirring PGα21Ca into turbid water, its use for others purposes should be done on own responsibility of the user.
It is to note that this is not a ‘Magic Powder’. It may not remove substances like pesticide.
It is comparatively safe if it is used in the water which is already in use to meet daily needs.

2、Where can this product of POLY-GLU be purchased?

It can be purchased from the authorized agents of POLY-GLU appointed in various countries.
Purchase order is also received at the Head Office of POLY-GLU in Osaka, Japan by e-mail or by fax.
Please write your name, company name, address and purpose of use in details while making queries or placing purchase order.
If you are not satisfied with the explanation of our authorized, you can also directly communicate with our Head Office in Osaka for further clarification.

3、Product line-up of PGα21Ca

A) Small sachet of 100g is being sold as Rescue set.
There are a sachet of 100g, a big sachet of 100g×5 small sachets and a bigger sachet of100g× 10 small sachets.

B)Regular selling bag is of 20kg.

C)Also there is bag of 2kg on demand for use as international emergency use.

D)There may be bags or sachets of various weight on demand of the valued customers.

CLICK to Image of small sachet made on the demand from JICA.

4、Regarding request for sample or data.

We are receiving many requests from various countries in the world for free of cost sample. In principle we cannot offer free of cost samples or data due to our cost burden. But, we will consider positively any requests from the younger pupils. One of our mission is grow interest among the younger pupils for improving the water environment.

5、Can POLY-GLU solve the pollution problem of deep sea, ocean or vast river?

Pollution of deep sea, lake and rive is a serious problem. Our technology may be used to solve this issue. A very quick solution by cheap cost is possible but enough consideration for application method is necessary.
It may be clearly stated that POLY-GLU is the only technology to be used as solution for big river, crude oil spill, radiation removal and PM-2. POLY-GLU is the superior technology in the world for improving water environment.

6、Application method of POLY-GLU Technology

Please refer the following movie given in the link


The history of water and environmental studies is not older than 50 years so it is comparatively a new field of study. My field of study was Automatic Control Engineering. The technologies I have invented are Code Expression, Door Lock and Print positon control of automatic packaging machine.
To me, Water and Environmental Technology was minor in comparison with my field of study of semiconductor, integrated circuit and mechanical engineering. However, though I have developed water technology as an amateur, it is now being acclaimed worldwide as a cheap and convenient technology. There is scarcity of real expert of water and environmental technology. We wish the students of Junior and high schools be more interested in this new field of study. Junior and high school students can do even better than what POLY-GLU did. It is our duty to provide assistances to such students.

                          Dr. Kanetoshi ODA
Chairman& CEO