You can start a social business (BOP Business) with our technology in your country also.

Main export destinations of our product are more than 15 countries and in each of those countries, more than 10, 000 people are using our technology for safe drinking water.


In addition, our product has been started to be used in more 24 countries recently.

We would like to thank you for query.

POLY-GLU is a Japanese technology.
The prime minister of our country has introduced this technology in his speech at the United Nations Organization.
Our technology is also being recommended as a Japanese representative product in all over the world through the telecasting ( TV CM) program of CNN.

We started our enterprise with the mission of gEnsuring Safe and Clean Water Each and Every One Living in this Earthh. Converting dirty water into clean water is simple task to our company.
Moreover, we are contributing to water related environment as well.

The most distinguishing feature of our water purifying agent is the application of polyglutamic acid extracted from sticky component of Japanese traditional food Natto (fermented soybean) which confirms that it has no bad impact on the environment.
Moreover, anyone can use this quite comfortable as its application procedure is very easy.
Expertise knowledge is not necessary to make our water purification device.
Operation and maintenance is also very simple.


1. Our water purifying agent is possible to purify more than 1,000 liter of water by 100gm.

Price may be little higher due to carrying cost in the countries
where it has not been introduced yet.

2.Large quantity of our water purifying is required for cleaning operation of industrial waste water, lake water and port area water.
If the order is above 10 MT with a promise of regular price, the price per MT is
Please contact us.

Additive quantity of our water purifying agent can be reduced to 30%~50%, if appropriate operation system is maintained.

Cost can be reduced significantly for treatment of the water of pond, canal, swamp, port if an efficient system of purifying and collection of sludge is developed.

Please let us know your purpose of use, quality and quantity of your water.

We cannot reply to an individual who is neither affiliated to any government organization nor to a private organization.

We are appointing our agents in the countries where our technology has not been expanded it


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